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Working with the NHS

Case Study 1: NHS Mental Health Trust


Providing meal kits for virtual Cook-A-Longs to support mental health in families living in Clayton

Intended Outcomes

Families cook the meals together while getting a chance to talk about how lockdown has been affecting them. This is initially a two-session trial with four further sessions planned if trial is successful.

Feedback From Matthew Brown, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust The Mind Over Food project came from the response of the Neighbourhood Priorities during the initial lockdown. The findings showed that diet and improving nutritional intake where high, but issues such as lack of confidence, cooking skills, funds and fussy children prevented some families experimenting with a healthier diet. This project aims to address those issues and to help families improve their cooking skills and confidence around cooking a meal from scratch. Key Benefits

  • Obesity reduction

  • Family health

  • Choosing healthy foods

  • Laying foundations for lifelong healthy eating

  • Increasing parental cooking skills

  • Improving cooking confidence

  • Food budgeting skills

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