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A collection point for TGFB run by the Operations Manager directly or member of staff for TGFB

Intended Outcomes

TGFB meal kits will be collected one day per week with multiple choices offered, ideally to encourage the purchase of more than one meal kit. Providing good quality, affordable food on the doorstep to 2000+ homes.

Feedback From Maria Garnett – Neighbourhood Projects Manager, Irwell Valley Homes The Good Food Bag complements the efforts we are making in tackling obesity and poor access to good quality food in Sale West. We currently have a community cafe which has been running there for a number of years. We do offer take away but the added value of the Good Food Bag is that families can cook the food themselves, increasing general cooking confidence. Young people are cooking the kits along with their parents so creating the next generation of home cooks along the way! The Good Food Bag is very adaptable and will work with the staff in the cafe to ensure no cross over of recipes - we don't want either enterprise to lose out! The Good Food Bag has actually had a cross over effect with our cafe in that people who didn't know about the cafe now do and those that didn't know about The Good Food Bag found out by advertisements in the cafe. Win-win! Key Benefits

  • Obesity reduction

  • Family health

  • Support for families in areas of deprivation

  • Laying foundations for lifelong healthy eating

  • Increasing parental cooking skills

  • Complement to existing efforts

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