Ready, Steady, Cook!

Well, what a month the GFB team have had! 

At the end of January we ran two taste testing sessions to gather feedback on our

initial recipe options.

We each had to achieve a Food Safety Level 3 certificate before we could work in the

production kitchen - unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo of me in my chef

jacket, apron and hat, haha! It was hard work cooking on mass and we ended up

throwing away the mac and cheese, as when the recipe was scaled up it didn’t quite

work. But we agreed it’s all about trial and error - even the best chefs have to

experiment before they put a dish on their menu!

The snow suddenly appeared on the first day of us taste testing but it didn’t get in the

way of us heading over to Irwell Valley Housing Association for some food sampling.

We received such a great response from the staff and one guy even had four

helpings! On day two we went to One Manchester and the cottage pie was such a winner it was all gone within half an hour! 

Get it while it's hot! Serving up at One Manchester.

Over the two days we fed over 100 people and received such fantastic feedback

about our dishes. Comments included:

“Well done GFB team. Can’t wait to order sometime in the near future.” 

“Will you be giving out the vegan curry recipe? It was ace.” 

“I tried the cottage pie; it was delicious!”

“A big thank you to the team for the beautiful food, I really enjoyed it!”

This was all brilliant research but we really wanted our target market to be able to try

the food too. We worked with colleagues at One Manchester to organise a session

where families could come along and cook our recipes. We came up with the idea of

the ‘Clayton Cook-off’ and last week had five families come along and do exactly

that! The children all joined in too, which was brilliant to see and the four dishes

they rustled up all tasted absolutely delicious!

Families cooking up a storm in Clayton.

The families all loved the food on offer and one mum even said “It was really easy to make and tasted great!” Although the recipes are comforting, classic, family favourites we have incorporated vegetables or lentils into each one, to give a spin on the original, making them tasty, filling and good for you too.


Thanks for reading and please get in touch if you have any questions.


The Good Food Bag  

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