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Pay It Forward

We know there has been a 60% increase in food provision (food banks, food pantries, etc) since 2017 in Manchester. We know there are so many people who don't need these services but want to help those who do. It's not easy to know what's best - donating money, time, or food?!

So we have come up with a simple and easy way to help those who could do with a little support right now. We have teamed up with Emmaus Salford and the Trafford Food Hub run by Our Sale West to bring you our Pay It Forward Good Food Bags. The idea is simple, you go on our website and pay for a Pay It Forward (Salford) or a Pay It Forward (Sale) Good Food Bag. We make up the bag and share it with our partners at the Trafford Food Hub or Emmaus Salford. They make sure the bag goes to a family that needs the support - it's that easy!

Working together to help people directly is one of the most powerful things we can do in life! Let's do it!

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