New Year, New Me

Welcome back to the Good Food Bag and Happy New Year! It’s been a little while since our last post but the GFB team were busy throughout December right up until Christmas Eve and here are some of our highlights from the end of 2018.

After meeting with Richard and the NEET team (see Will’s blog - we asked our Twitter followers which meals they would most like to see in the Good Food Bag. Spaghetti Bolognese was the runaway favourite so watch this space for our version of the classic spag bol this Spring…

We have met with a number of expert enterprise advisors who will help us set up the Good Food Bag and give it the best chance of success. We have been using GIS (Geographic Information System mapping) to overlay income, transport and amenities data to help us identify potential areas to launch our pilot; and finally we laid the foundations for a very busy and exciting start to the new year. After all of that and more, the Christmas break has been a time for the team to pause, reflect on the work completed so far and recharge the batteries ready for the next stages of the Good Food Bag.

I’ve really enjoyed the end of year break as it’s given me time to catch up on things I’ve been meaning to do but not got round to. One of my favourite pastimes is watching films and I’ve had I, Daniel Blake on my watchlist since it was released but only managed it this weekend when it was on telly.

This upsetting docu-drama was a really difficult watch as it highlighted many of the same stories about sacrifice and dignity that we heard during our insight gathering phase of the Greenhouse project. It was a timely reminder for me of the social ills we’re wanting to challenge and make an impact on in 2019. It re-galvanised the need to press on with the Good Food Bag and make the work we’ve done so far turn into something able to make a real difference to those in our communities.

So I start 2019 by trying to build on the positive experiences of last year and setting myself some familiar goals but with an added twist; eat more healthily, manage my money and enjoy more quality time with my whole family – all things that the Good Food Bag stands for.


The Good Food Bag  

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