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New recipe inspo!

We have been busy adding new recipes to our menu and people often ask us where we get the recipes from. It could be an amazing restaurant meal from years ago that stuck with us as in Chorizo Stew with Crispy Gnocchi or an internet sensation like Baked Feta Pasta - have you seen the TikTok's?! Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

One new recipe has particular meaning for our Operations Manager, Jenni. She grew up with a very traditional Hungarian father. As a child Hungarian food was the norm with goulash, pickled cucumber salad, stuffed peppers and lots of liverwurst! As a confirmed foodie from an early age, Jenni wanted to make sure that she understood this most traditional recipe clearly. She would spend hours watching her family cook this sacred dish - everyone having their own particular signature when making it.

When Jenni moved to the UK in 2003, her family wanted to make sure she took this piece of home with her! This is the actual family recipe, lovingly typed out by Momma P:

As you can see it's a well used recipe!!

Times change and tastes change but the food that made us will always have a special place in our hearts. Jenni has adapted this recipe to suit a fresher palate but she knows it's got ALL the love it in her relatives put in theirs. Check out Jenni's version below!

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