It's all getting a bit tasty...

We’re excited to report that today The Good Food Bag team is launching into an intensive programme of product research and development.

We generated overwhelming levels of interest and support at the National Housing Summit in September, and have spent the last few weeks taking stock and working up a detailed plan to push things forward and make our dream a reality.

Now, through our Lead Pioneers – Golding Homes, Irwell Valley, Magenta Living and One Manchester – we have secured funding for a 15-week phase of experimentation which will enable us to establish a full-scale pilot from March 2019. We will be testing everything from recipe card design, to packaging, to delivery methods, to location strategy and of course…the food! We are particularly excited to be working with our chefs and nutritionists to make sure our food tastes great, looks great and delivers on price, nutrition and simplicity.

We're relocating from Liverpool to Manchester for the duration of this phase, with One Manchester providing us with a base at their head office in Hulme. From there we will be within striking distance of a large chunk of our target market and many of the other resources, assets and people we need. Certain experiments will also be conducted in other areas of the country, to help us build a picture of the places where The Good Food Bag will work, what these have in common and what our potential total market size could be.

There will be so much to share over the coming weeks and months, and we want all our friends and supporters to feel part of the journey. To that end we will be posting regularly here, through our social media channels and via our mailing list. So; join our mailing list, follow our social media channels, talk to us, and stay tuned for ways you can get involved as The Good Food Bag story takes off!

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